Their appearance in the market marks the official start of summer and this is not a surprise, since undoubtedly is one of the tastiest summer fruits. The season starts in May and are available until July. Rich in vitamins, minerals and trace elements enhance concentration and reduce mental fatigue. The varieties are that many, so for this reason we at Jimmy’s concentrate ourselves to those who give us the most delicious fruit!


Reds and crispy. They appear in the first term of May and are characterised as early harvested.


Seed with middle resistance to softness and relatively sensitive in tearing.They have a large size and have been characterizes as the king of the early cherries, since their appearance starts in May and remain about early June.


Red and crunchy variety.This specific variety matures 11 days after the Burlat and is distinguished for its flavor and spiciness. Moreover they are resistant to mondial.


Red and crunchy variety with medium sized seed. Their flowering happens 5-10 days after the Burlat variety with high and constant production.


This seed is soft, juicy, heart – shaped and resistant in tearing. Characterized for their red dark (Burgundy) and the weight for every cherry is 6-8 gr. They are a mid – to – early variety as they flowering 4-5 days after Burlat.


Red and crunchy variety, mid-season, with a huge size of fruit. It is a crossing between 2 varieties (Large red & Ruby). The fructify happens during May in bouquets which they are included in the whole length of the offshoot.


Their maturation comes about 20 days after the Burlat and are characterized for their light red color and their crispy pulp. These cherry trees constitute of sidewalk open branches with great strength.


Mid-season variety with crispy red seed. The mature season is around 20 May. These cherries provide a big variety of colors and their discoloration.


These cherries have a mid-season flowering and long life.They mature around the 25th of May and they are famous for their intense dark red color (Bordeaux) and their flavor.


Early flowering variety in reddish brown color being medium – big sized. This variety matures from the end of May until the first term of June. The maturing of this variety is consecutive with Kordia variety (with a difference of a few days) and present a good resistance to tearing.