It is one of the fruits that someone can enjoy throughout the year. The controlled storage rooms of Jimmy’s Fruits, guarantee excellent apples which retain all their nutrients. Carefully selected and packed we can offer them almost 11 months of the year.


Apple of special flavor with attractive red stripped color. This specific variety is famous for its taste and the unique aromas. The maturation is completed in the middle of August with great results when is cultivated in low altitude.


It is considered to be the most famous apple variety because of its big production which approaches the 80% of the whole apple cultivation in Greece. The fruit is big and homogeneously red. After the cultivation they can be stored in cooling chambers for 10-11 months, something that makes this variety really resistant.


Golden apples are medium sized, spherical with yellow color and really tasty. The harvesting begins on the first term of September and they can be preserved for 5-6 months in suitable cooling chambers.


This variety is derived from the crossing of Golden Delicious and Jonathan. Their pulp is crispy, sweet and acidic. Their harvesting starts slightly earlier from Golden Delicious and they can be preserved for 9-10 months in controlled atmosphere conditions.


This variety is a crossing of Ralls Janet & Delicious seeds. This fruit is medium to big sized and their flavor characteristics are sweet, crispy & very juicy. The maturation is completed by the first term of October and is really resistant to rot.


This seed is medium to big sized with a vivid green color and white pulp that expands in a strong skinned and juicy fruit. This variety starts cropping by the 20th of October and is characterized as late-harvesting.