Jimmy’s Fresh Fruits is a subsidiary company of Karantinos S.A Group, specializing in the production, sorting, packaging, storage and distribution of seasonal fruits. Our client basis includes large wholesale companies as well as the largest national and local supermarket chains.Although our company was founded in 2014, our sales extend beyond the Greek territory. Thus, having developed a strong export activity, we have already expanded to Cyprus, Russia, France and Jordan with cherry exports, while in Egypt and Cyprus we export apples of all varieties. All the products that our company manages, are of excellent quality with all the necessary certifications and are carefully inspected and controlled before each order is dispatched.The quality of our products and facilities, as well as the meticulous controls we carry out, enable us to serve the local and international markets, covering the whole demand. Our concern is to provide fresh fruits with a unique purpose: To reach the final consumer’s table every day, offering the best!