Beyond their wonderful taste, peaches are rich in vitamins A, C and potassium. They are also a good source of antioxidants and flavonoids which slow down the process of aging and reduce the risk of heart disease. In Jimmy’s we select carefully all varieties of peaches so as to have the richest in aroma, flavor and taste.


They mature around the 25th of May and they are considered as very early, productive and big sized yellow flower color with 80-90% red patch.


They are being harvested in the beginning of July, together with RED HEAVEN. The fruits have pleasant and hypoxic taste. is a variety of large and stable production, and the fruits have good resistance.


They mature around June 25th and have a sweet taste. It is a lively and productive variety with moderate requirements at low temperatures. the color of the shell is yellow in red patch.


Very late variety, of constant production, with a large size of fruit that have good coloration, bearing in mind the late maturing season. The color of the bark is white with 80% red. their taste is sweet and balanced.


Lively variety and productive, with moderate requirements at low temperatures. Blooms a week earlier than Red Heaven. The fruit is yellowish, quite tasty and covered with 70-90% of bright red color.


It is a variety of productive, with moderate requirements at low temperatures. The fruit is yellowish and very tasty, large and ripe about 18 days after Ret Heaven.


Variety of lively growth, productive with spherical fruit, yellowish, moderate-sized and well-tasting features. The fruit is covered in 60-70% red color.


A variety of crispy, delicious fruits, large sized, which is covered in 50-60% in red shining color. Around the core, the flesh is bright red. Matches 45 days after Red Heaven variety.


Μatures a few days after RED HEAVEN and their fruit is pungent, yellowish and very tasty. the weight of each fruit is about 280 grams and is covered by 40-60% in red color.


Is a variety of moderately lively and quite productive. The fruit is yellowish, tasty, medium-sized, spherical. It is covered with 90-95% of red color and matures about 20 days before Red Heaven.


Yellowish, early, table variety, matures 33 days before Red Heaven. It is earlier than May Crest. It has early flowering, it is quite productive and livelier than the May Crest. It has early flowering, it is quite productive


The fruit is pungent, yellow, quite tasty and crisp. Relatively large, with an average weight of about 210 grams. Its shape is spherical, elongated, slightly asymmetrical and is covered 80-90% with a shiny deep red color. Around the core, the flesh is deeply red.


Τable yellowish variety. Μatures 2 weeks before Red Haven, has early flowering, is very productive with good qualitative characteristics and medium size of fruit.


It is a very productive variety with excellent aroma. It matures around August 17th and is a lively tree with good productivity. The shape of the fruit is round and the color of the bark is yellow with 60-80% red.