Apricots are widely known as very antioxidant and constitute a very important source of vitamin A, which contributes to the eye health. They include b – carotene, lycopene, lutein and zeaxanthin and they do have pure orange color. Jimmy’s company offers apricots of Bebeco variety, which their maturation is completed by June. They are big, with a sphere shape and their color is intense orange – yellow while their pulp is clean orange and sweet.  Jimmy’s company offers as well Farbaly variety apricots which they have been produced to the most fruitful fields of Pieria full of flavor and aromas.


Local variety of high quality, while this fruit is for direct consumption or canning. Its color is really yellow and its size is big. This variety approaches the 90% of the whole Greek apricot production. Flowering starts on the 2nd term of March and the maturation is completed by the end of June – July.


This variety ripening is completed by 25th of July. It os self – propelled, with a pure orange color which becomes more red on the side of the sun.