Is one of the most favorite fruit as each variety is distinguished by the particular taste and features. Kosia, Krystallia, Kontoules and Santa Maria, form the varieties which in Jimmy’s Fruits we have one more reason to be proud: our geographical position, which makes the taste! The varieties of pears are divided into summer and autumn and we choose the most delicious and juicy fruits straight from the fields all year-round offering pears of unique quality and freshness.


Very fruity and aromatic seed with light lemon color during maturing and an intense sweet flavor. This variety matures in summer and more specifically from July Until the end of August.


This fruit matures around the end of June and has intense flavor. This variety is composed from intense lemon color and are being harvested early in the season.


The maturing of this variety is completed by the third term of July. These pears do have a lemon pulp, pale red. They are very juicy with a high level of fruitness


This seed is supposed to be very vivid and productive. Their harvesting starts in the last term of July and they are very resistant concerning their productivity. Exquisite pears, very juicy, with intense rich flavor, with real green pale color and white pulp.